We moved to Sarasota from Massachusetts on November 1st of 2011. We had never been to Sarasota until the winter of 2011. A friend of ours offered us the use of her condo in Bradenton. We came on vacation in March and then returned again in May because we loved the Sarasota area so much. This led us to buying a home in Palmer Ranch in June, then our move the following November. We both owned our own homes and had longstanding jobs in New England, which we gave up to live in Sarasota. This has been one of the happiest decisions we ever made.

The realtor who was selling the home that we brought is the person who led us to St. Andrew. During this process the realtor, Claudia, mentioned that she belonged to a church with a fairly small congregation but with very big, open and warm hearts. On our first day at St. Andrew and after only being in Sarasota just a few weeks, we were invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the church. This meant so much to us because this was the first holiday we had been away from our families. We had a wonderful time that day and were overwhelmed by the love and friendship bestowed on us by all who were part of our first Thanksgiving in our new home. From the very beginning we have felt welcome at St. Andrew and part of community and family that we were desperately looking for in starting our new lives together.

We are committed to one another and to community in the service of God’s love. We were married in Massachusetts in a civil ceremony and realized then that our spiritual union was between us and God. It was an overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. Both of us have always had a spiritual interest, and that was one of the attractions that drew us together. Our relationship is stable and secure because of the presence of God in our life.

We both look forward to a life at St. Andrew that is filled with love, friendship, and social commitment, both to the community and one other.