Media & Photos MainMembers and friends at St. Andrew have gotten to know each other better, have offered support and friendship and a helping hand when needed by participating in one of our Small Family groups.  These groups originally were organized geographically, placing members and friends who live near each other in the same family.

Over the past 3 years, these families have been meeting in each other’s homes or at restaurants or at St. Andrew to share fellowship, food and fun and to provide help when needed, whether that be transportation, a question about our community or just someone to talk to.  Also, during hurricane season, group leaders provide evacuation information and location of nearby shelters, including those for disabled and those with pets.

At present there are nine small families at St. Andrew from north Sarasota County to Osprey and Nokomis taking part in this important example of Love in Action:

Bay Village
Sandhill Cranes
Gulf Gate Extended
Palmer Ranch West
Possible Apostles
South County