Missions are vital to St. Andrew United Church of Christ.  Our members generously give donations of time, talent, and treasure to a variety of local, national, and international organizations.

St. Andrew UCC actively participates in mission projects

Many of us walk up to five miles in the Crop Walk.

One mission we are especially proud of is our Backpack Mission, which provides food for hungry children.

We fill cleaning buckets and provide hygiene and children’s kits for UCC disaster relief in our area of the country.

We donate more than 1800 food items each year to local food pantries.

We contribute Christmas presents for senior citizens to the Sarasota Salvation Army Angel Tree Project each year.

We sew and knit many necessary items for local charities.

We hold an Easter Egg Hunt for local children.

We provide an endless supply of teddy bears for the Teddy Bear Project, which places the bears in the pews.  The bears are for anyone, but are especially to be taken to those suffering illness or someone who needs a soft, cuddly message of comfort and hope.

Please take time to look over our Missions here at St. Andrew and use the links to find out more.

We donate to the following missions:

  • Resurrection House:  A facility that provides services for homeless people.
  • Habitat for Humanity This organization builds affordable housing for people in need.
  • Crop Walk:  Collects money to alleviate hunger locally, nationally and worldwide.
  • Samaritan Fund: Occasionally people in need come to St. Andrew to ask for funds.  At the discretion of the pastor, money can be given for immediate necessities.

We are Five for Five in supporting the five missions of the National United Church of Christ:

  • Basic UCC Support:  5 for 5 churches give to Basic Support and all four Special Mission Offerings.
  • One Great Hour of Sharing:  Provides funds for a variety of worldwide services for disaster relief and education.
  • Strengthen the Church:  Supports new churches and helps invigorate existing programs.
  • Neighbors in Need:  Supports justice in the United States.  One third goes to the American Indian ministry, and the remainder goes to other initiatives for justice.
  • Christmas Fund: Provides money for retired pastors and their families.


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