Twelve-Step Meetings

Please use the links below for information about Twelve-Step groups that meet at St. Andrew UCC:

Alcoholics Anonymous  (AA Helpline: 941-951-6810)




Upcoming Events and Meetings (Tentative)

Wed 1/1: Church office closed for New Year’s Day (staff holiday)
Tue 1/2 (9:00 AM): Board of Trustees
Thu 1/2 (10:00 AM): Study and Discussion Group
Thu 1/2 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Tue 1/2 (3:00 PM): Board of Deacons
Sun 1/5 (10:30 AM): Sunday Celebration (Epiphany Sunday)
Mon 1/6 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Tue 1/7 (11:00 AM): Rainbow Bracelets for Sarasota Pride
Wed 1/8 (9:00 AM): PEO
Wed 1/8 (7:00 PM): Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/9 (10:00 AM): Study and Discussion Group
Thu 1/9 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Sun 1/12 (10:30 AM): Sunday Celebration (Baptism of Christ Sunday)
Mon 1/13 (10:00 AM): Teddy Bear Ministry (canceled – will be rescheduled)
Mon 1/13 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Tue 1/14 (11:00 AM): Rainbow Bracelets for Sarasota Pride
Wed 1/15 (2:00 PM): Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/16 (10:00 AM): Board of Missions and Outreach
Thu 1/16 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Sun 1/19 (10:30 AM): Sunday Celebration
Mon 1/20: Church office closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day (staff holiday)
Mon 1/20 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Tue 1/21 (9:00 AM): Church Council
Tue 1/21 (11:00 AM): Rainbow Bracelets for Sarasota Pride
Wed 1/22 (9:00 AM): PEO
Wed 1/22 (7:00 PM): Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/23 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Sat 1/25 (11:00 AM – 4:00 PM): St. Andrew UCC at Sarasota Pride (J. D. Hamel Park)
Sun 1/26 (10:30 AM): Sunday Celebration
Mon 1/27 (12:00 PM): Yoga with Julie
Wed 1/29 (2:00 PM): Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/30 (3:00 PM): Board of Deacons
Sun 3/1 (12:00 PM): St. Andrew 101 (New Member Class & Discussion)
Mon 3/23 (6:30 PM): SURE Nehemiah Action Assembly (Sarasota Municipal Auditorium)


The Study and Discussion Group meets most Thursdays at 10:00 AM. Every session begins with a time of prayer and reflection. Join us for a lively and enriching conversation!

The next book for reflection is When Demons Float, a mystery novel by Susan Thistlethwaite. All are welcome!

About the book: Kristin Ginelli, Chicago-cop-turned-religion-professor, is horrified when her new Muslim faculty colleague is targeted with a hate crime by self-styled white supremacists. She investigates, wading into the disgusting waters of white supremacist hate online. She is stunned to learn how young people and adults are being tempted into hate and violence on the Internet. As she teaches her religion classes, she comes to realize this is what philosophers and theologians have meant by the demonic. In this kind of extremism, hate rises to the surface and it is hard to keep it down. When a student is killed, and Kristin is threatened, she has to cut through the university’s stalling and what looks increasingly like corruption in the Chicago police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to find the killers and try to stem the tide of hate.

About the author: Susan Thistlethwaite is President Emerita and Professor Emerita at Chicago Theological Seminary, which is historically related to the United Church of Christ. She has authored and/or edited 13 academic books and two works of mystery fiction. Thistlethwaite has been an ordained minister in the UCC since 1974.

You can order When Demons Float from Amazon, Wipf and Stock Publishers, or your preferred retailer.