Twelve-Step Meetings

Please use the links below for information about Twelve-Step groups that meet at St. Andrew UCC:

Alcoholics Anonymous  (AA Helpline: 941-951-6810)




Upcoming Events and Meetings (Tentative)

Wed 8/1 (4:00 PM) – Board Deacons
Thu 8/2 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Sun 8/5 (10:30 AM) – Worship Service (Communion Sunday)
Mon 8/6 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Thu 8/9 (9:00 AM) – Board of Trustees
Thu 8/9 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Sun 8/12 (10:30 AM) – Worship Service (Singspiration Sunday)
Mon 8/13 (6:30 PM) – Monday Night at the Movies
Thu 8/16 (10:00 AM) – Yoga With Julie
Thu 8/16 (1:00 PM) – Board of Finance
Sun 8/19 (10:30 AM) – Worship Service
Mon 8/20 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Thu 8/23 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Thu 8/23 (1:00 PM) – St. Andrew UCC SURE Team
Sun 8/26 (10:30 AM) – Worship Service
Mon 8/27 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Tue 8/28 – Primary Election (Stewart Hall used as polling place)
Wed 8/29 (4:00 PM) – Board of Deacons
Thu 8/30 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Mon 9/10 (5:30 PM) – Potluck Supper and Monday Night at the Movies
Sun 9/30 (11:45 PM) – St. Andrew 101 (New Member Class and Discussion)


Study and Discussion Group

Coming this fall!
Join us on Tuesdays at 5:30 PM or Thursdays at 10:00 AM
(Dates will be announced soon.)


Painting the Stars: Science, Religion, and an Evolving Faith

Celebrating the communion of science and faith, Painting the Stars explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality. This video and discussion series features over a dozen leading theologians and progressive thinkers.

Join us as we learn more about the intersection of faith and science!


Unbelievable: Why Neither Ancient Creeds Nor the Reformation Can Produce a Living Faith Today

Bible scholar and Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong contends that there is mounting pressure among Christians for a radically new kind of Christianity–a faith deeply connected to the human experience instead of outdated dogma. To keep Christianity vital, he urges modern Christians to update their faith in light of these advances in our knowledge, and to challenge the rigid and problematic Church teachings that emerged with the Reformation. There is a disconnect, he argues, between the language of traditional worship and the language of the twenty-first century. Bridging this divide requires us to rethink and reformulate our basic understanding of God.