Twelve-Step Meetings

Please use the links below for information about Twelve-Step groups that meet at St. Andrew UCC:

Alcoholics Anonymous  (AA Helpline: 941-951-6810)




Study and Discussion Group

We will now be offering TWO weekly sessions so people who can’t participate during the day will be able to. The members of our awesome Study and Discussion Group have selected Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism: A Bishop Rethinks the Meaning of Scripture as its next adventure. It was written by John Shelby Spong, who is the retired Episcopal Bishop of Newark, New Jersey. The book is $7.00 and it is available for purchase from the Church Office. You may also purchase it on your own, if you wish.

“I hold the Bible before my readers seeking boldly to free it from the clutches of a mindless literalism and, at the same time, presenting it as a dramatic and exciting document whose relevance for our day is both mighty and real.”
John Shelby Spong


From the publisher:
In this provocative bestseller, the outspoken and controversial Bishop John Shelby Spong reveals how literal interpretations of Scripture have been used to justify slavery, ban textbooks, deny the rights of gays and lesbians, subordinate women, and justify war and revenge. Spong combines current biblical scholarship, modern science, and, most of all his deep love and respect for Scripture, to lift the Bible out of the prejudices and cultural biases of bygone eras. Eloquent, forthright, and compassionate, Spong liberates the Bible’s message of hope for all people.

You can join in on the stimulating discussion beginning the fourth week of January. We will have sessions on Tuesday evenings and also continue meeting on Thursday mornings.

Please come to whichever session you prefer:
Tuesday, January 23, at 5:30 PM (conference room)
Thursday, January 25, at 10:00 AM (sanctuary)



On January 28, Rev. Robert Chase will co-lead the worship service with Rev. Paul, and then he will read excerpts from and host a conversation based on his new book, Beyond the Comma.Rev. Chase served as Founding Director of Intersections International, a global initiative of the Collegiate Church of New York, from 2007 until his retirement in 2017. Throughout his tenure, Intersections used innovative and engaging methodologies to address urgent fractures in our world: bridging the military/civilian divide, healing the rift between the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds, working for LGBT justice, and using the arts as an instrument of social change. Prior to Intersections, Rev. Chase served as Director of Communications for the United Church of Christ during the launch of the UCC’s “God is Still Speaking” campaign.

In Beyond the Comma, Rev. Chase builds on the image of the comma, a mark of punctuation that separates everything that comes before from all that is to follow, and he applies it to the life journey. Some of life’s “commas” are intentionally planned, like a sabbatical or the birth of a child, and some are imposed by forces beyond our control, such as a devastating diagnosis or a natural disaster. The reader will be challenged to be attentive to these shifts in our lives and to navigate the multi-layered “intersections” that such moments reveal. Rev. Chase contends that as we engage these moments creatively, we become more fully human.

Signed copies of Beyond the Comma will be available for sale at the event.


Upcoming Events and Meetings (Tentative)

Mon 1/1 – Office Closed for New Year’s Day
Wed 1/3 (4:00 PM) – Deacons
Wed 1/3 (7:00 PM) – Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/4 (9:00 AM) – Trustees
Thu 1/4 (1:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie (Special Workshop)
Sun 1/7 (3:00 PM) – Savory Swing Band Frank Sinatra Tribute ($10 donation for all Faiths’ Food Bank)
Mon 1/8 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Tue 1/9 (2:00 PM) – Capital Campaign Team
Tue 1/9 (6:00 PM) – Diversity Board Meeting
Wed 1/10 (7:00 PM) – Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/11 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Thu 1/11 (1:00 PM) – Stewardship and Finance
Sun 1/14 (11:45 AM) – Missions and Outreach
Mon 1/15 – Office Closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Mon 1/15 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Wed 1/17 (7:00 PM) – Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/18 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Mon 1/22 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Tue 1/23 (1:00 PM) – Deacons (Training)
Tue 1/23 (5:30 PM) – Study and Discussion Group
Wed 1/24 (7:00 PM) – Choir Rehearsal
Thu 1/25 (10:00 AM) – Study and Discussion Group
Thu 1/25 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Mon 1/29 (12:00 PM) – Yoga with Julie
Tue 1/30 (5:30 PM) – Study and Discussion Group
Wed 1/31 (4:00 PM) – Deacons
Wed 1/31 (7:00 PM) – Choir Rehearsal
Thu 2/1 (10:00 AM) – Study and Discussion Group
Wed 2/14 (6:00 PM) – Ash Wednesday Service